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In order to expand the services of, we now have a forum for Frank Sinatra fans too!

You can visit the forum in the following link:

Frank Sinatra Forum

The reason for having a forum is to create an environment where people can talk anything about Frank Sinatra freely, since we lack such a place as Sinatra fans.

Topics about Frank Sinatra will be visible to every forum member and visitor. This will be the place to talk about Sinatra’s albums from different eras, concert and other performances, musical career, movies, personal life etc.

In order to be able to post in and view the Audio-Video section, a user should have 100 posts in forum, and it will be worth it. YouTube will be used to share performances, as it automatically removes the performances with copyrights. Copyright is very important in this matter, as for both legal and ethic reasons, we should respect the owner of the material. When a video is added on YouTube, the system automatically checks the visual and audio part of the uploaded file and blocks the video to all users if it violates the copyrights.

In order to introduce users with concerts and other material, a person with 15 posts will be given a full concert link and two audio concerts. Once a user reaches 50 posts, two additional concerts and three more audio concerts, which are uploaded to YouTube by me in private setting, will be given to the user. After 100th post, the user will be given access to audio – video section of the Frank Sinatra Forum and from here to eternity, all already available material and the material coming in the future will be fully available. This means that a user with at least 100 posts will have access to at least 25 video concerts and 200 audio concerts in a long term. Contribution by other users will highly increase these numbers.

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  1. Eileen July 8, 2012 at 11:04 - Reply

    I hail from North Jersey, not far from Hoboken. Coming from an Italian family in North Jersey, Mr. Sinatra is considered our patron saint. I grew up listening to his velvet voice. Whoever coined the phrase “Chairman of the Board,” was so right. No singer – even Elvis, whom I also like – comes close to Mr. Sinatra. His voice has actually become a symbol for lovers everywhere. My only regret is that I never got to see him in concert.

  2. Peter barbato December 30, 2012 at 05:10 - Reply

    Anyone have a privately published book the sacred sanctuary of frank sinatra by jimmy tarrentino 1959. I can’t find mine. It’s one of the very few books on Sinatra in the 1950s most of th books came out in 1970s on as popular as Sinatra was I’m puzzled as to why no books were put out. If I find mine ill take photo and post it I have over 200+books on Sinatra also discogrphys earliest one I know of was published in the the Sinatra music society magazine/newsletter in 1955 I have a list of all the discogrphys somewhere that I’ll post also. Ciao

    • James Kaplan January 22, 2013 at 19:00 - Reply

      If you find your copy of “Sacred Sanctuary” — or if anyone else does — I’d love to see it!

      all best
      James Kaplan
      author, FRANK: THE VOICE (Doubleday, 2010)

      • Peter barbato January 27, 2013 at 07:21 - Reply

        I had a copy but I can’t locate it I do have a photo of it Also looking for the discography issued in the sinatra music society magazine perfectly frank in 1955. I have every other discography I know of that was issued. I’ve been a sinatra collector for over 50 years. I really enjoyed your book great job! Looking forward to part 2. Thanks Peter

      • Peter Barbato February 21, 2017 at 01:02 - Reply

        I found Sinatra book sacred Santuary need email address to send you photo. Have many other rare Sinatra items. Love your two books. ! Have over 200 Sinatra books yours rates among the best. Peter BARBATO Peterjames [email protected]

  3. donald leverett UK April 18, 2013 at 16:17 - Reply

    wasen’t he just the greatest I consider myself his greatest fan whats your favourite song? mines” I’v got you under my skin” strangers in the night ” and I’ll never smile again.

    [email protected]

  4. Luce Gilmore June 7, 2013 at 19:52 - Reply

    Thirty-five is hardly the time to retire from chasing girls. I have added another two verses to “A very good year”, in the spirit of the original, which I hope you appreciate.

    When I was fifty-two, it was a very good year,
    It was a very good year for Essex girls:
    There were Sharon and Trace, they’d sit on my face,
    As they swigged Malibu, when I was fifty-two.

    When I was sixty-nine, it was a very good year,
    It was a very good year for lady boys:
    In a bar in Changmai, the girl was a guy,
    But we got on just fine, when I was sixty-nine.

  5. Hercule Poirot June 11, 2013 at 12:19 - Reply

    Hello Forum-readers. I don’t know much about F.S. but lately I heard on the radio during a late night program a song sung by The Voice. Since then I try to find out from which album it is. As I was driving by night in Portugal or Spain, I even don’t know which station it was and I can’t ask them their playlist of that night. There was no comment, just the tape. I cannot tell you the name of the song but I will try to explain, maybe that will be enough for the real experts to tell me where I have to look at. Actually it was the rythm that impessed me : it was just like the repetitive sound of a train on the tracks. The orchestra seemed to be a big band to me but not very 30’s.
    Is there any LP of Sinatra with on ore more songs with a sound corresponding to this (I have to admit : brief) description ? I would be very grateful to hear about it. Thanks for any help.

  6. joetheman July 30, 2014 at 04:27 - Reply

    I am well aware that most everyone on here is in love with Sinatra, but I don’t get it. He really isn’t the best at anything. Some might say that he is a great singer or a great actor or just a great personality. I disagree with all these points. I’d like all of you true Sinatra fans to go watch the film Robin and the 7 Hoods. For those of you that are not familiar, it stars Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, and Dean Martin. If you go watch the movie or re-watch it, as long as you keep an open mind, you will likely see that he is the worst looking, the worst singer, and the worst dancer. Crosby is the best singer and Dean Martin is the best looking and the best dancer hands down. As for the notion that he was great simply because he was a great guy, consider that he was also famous for his mob connections. When JFK visited California, he stayed not with Sinatra but with Crosby, specifically because of Sinatra’s connections to organized crime. Arguably the most corrupt president ever wouldn’t even stay with him because he was too dirty for his image.


  7. Arthur June 26, 2015 at 19:27 - Reply

    In the sixties

    worked with a guy called Trevor Smith who was a dedicated Sinatra fan. I was younger than Trevor and did not understand the fascination. Now I am older I do understand it.
    I would like to hear from Trevor if he reads this. We worked for a company that supplied hydraulics for the road transport industry in Tyseley in Birmingham UK
    Are you there Trevor.

  8. Debbie Rockwell October 20, 2015 at 23:24 - Reply

    On August 10,1940 the song “falling in love” was played atop the Astor hotel with tommy Dorsey and frank Sinatra. The song was the winning amateur song and the lyrics were written by my father jack Simmons. I have the sheet music but would love a copy of the performance or transcripts of the show. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We had the record on 78 but it has been misplaced.

    • Ozgun Akalin October 21, 2015 at 08:53 - Reply

      They don’t have falling in love listed there, but they know which songs were played. So try to contact Nancy Sinatra on the forums for more information.

      You can also contact this person, he might also help.

    • Scott Henderson February 22, 2016 at 22:55 - Reply

      Hello, I’m the person that was suggested to contact through Guitars101. Sinatra sang the song “Falling In Love” twice in concert in 1940 backed by Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra. The dates were August 10th and August 17th, 1940 at the Hotel Astor in New York. Both concerts were broadcast over the NBC Red Network. I have not come across either concert in circulation but the complete set lists are known for both concerts so maybe they’re out there somewhere. I know RCA has a number of these shows in their vaults and it’s possible they might have a copy.

  9. Charles Thain January 16, 2016 at 10:48 - Reply

    very interesting to read all this sinatra information on this website. i have been an admirer and fan for more than 50 years. His magnetic electric personality had an awful lot to do with his popularity and fascination. He was a unique one off. I consider his Capitol recordings with Nelson Riddle in the years 1953- 1958 to be his absolute peak. I have also been an admirer of his acting in the movies such as The Man With The Golden Arm and The Manchurian Candidate. Nobody has even come close to being so good as he was.

  10. LP February 22, 2016 at 00:19 - Reply

    FYI – CD called “Cinema Standards on Guitar” available here:

    This is a collection of jazz standards that have been used in films played on overdubbed guitars – Sinatra recorded eight of these tunes if my count is correct (#’s 2,3,4,5 (#5 for television), 7,8,11,and 12.)

    Song Title (Year Published) – Film Used In (Year of Release)

    1. THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE (1936) – “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013)

    2. FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOVE (1938) – “The Boys From Syracuse” (1940)

    3. I DIDN”T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS (1939) – “Pal Joey” (1959)

    4. IT’S ONLY A PAPER MOON (1933) – “Paper Moon” (1973)

    5. STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY (1934) – “When Harry Met Sally” (1989)

    6. CARAVAN (1936) – “Sweet and Lowdown” (1999)

    7. JUST FRIENDS (1931) – “Just Friends” (1993)

    8. OVER THE RAINBOW (1939) – “The Wizard of Oz” (1939)

    9. AMAPOLA (1922) – “Once Upon a Time in America” (1984)

    10. LOVE FOR SALE (1930) – “De-Lovely” (2004)

    11. CHEEK TO CHEEK (1935) – “Top Hat” (1935)

    12. THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (1941) – “True Crime” (1999)

  11. Maxim Furek October 18, 2016 at 20:08 - Reply

    I’m researching information about Berwick, PA’s famed West side Park (Ballroom). Did Frank Sinatra ever play there and does anyone have specific dates?

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