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TheFrankSinatra.com is a non-commercial website to share information about Frank Sinatra.

The posts cover:

  • Detailed information about a period in Frank Sinatra’s life
  • Information about Frank Sinatra’s albums and songs
  • Movie information without spoilers
  • Book reviews

This website does not include:

  • Song Lyrics
  • Self-Hosted videos
  • Self-Hosted Song recordings
  • Bootlegs for sale
Regarding Copyrighted Material:

TheFrankSinatra.Com uses copyrighted material under fair use (commentary, criticism, reviews etc.). This might include using few lines of lyrics to criticize a song, using a Youtube video of a live concert to review a concert, or photos when explaining a portion of his live in detail.

If you are the owner of a copyrighted material used in this website, and want it removed, simply send an e-mail to [email protected] and it will be removed as quickly as possible.


  1. Neil G August 25, 2011 at 21:31 - Reply

    Great stuff and Objective. Keep Frank’s spirit and unbelievable ouevre going for the young generations to know!



  2. Barry Watson September 11, 2016 at 01:58 - Reply

    I live in the UK and have a vast collection of FS records including a couple of “V” discs.
    Frank was THE best of them all. Sincerely,
    Barry watson

  3. Susan Lee July 27, 2020 at 10:44 - Reply

    FRANK AND AVA Biopic is Available on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes

    July 20, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – FRANK AND AVA the award-winning biopic of the tumultuous love affair between Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner is distributed in the United States and Canada by Gravitas Ventures and is available on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

    Brooklyn native Rico Simonini, a well-known Los Angeles cardiologist at a leading medical center, who portrays Frank Sinatra also did the screenplay adaptation of the stage play by Willard Manus.

    In 2014 Simonini originated the role of Frank Sinatra in Manus’ play which was developed in the Actor’s Studio. It was then that Simonini, who had a connection to Sinatra, knew he had to turn the play into a movie.

    “Creating the film was a compelling opportunity to tell the story of Sinatra from the viewpoint of a period in his life represented by his downturn and despair that preceded the eventual comeback that catapulted him to iconic stardom.”

    “It was a labor of the heart, both mine and the cast who virtually made gifts of their craft in order to create the magic on screen,” said Simonini.

    It’s 1949 and Sinatra, the former king of swoon who once enchanted millions of “bobby soxers,” is at the downturn of his career, as the once golden “Voice” is now compromised by a hemorrhage to his vocal cords, while his reputation is lambasted by the press who parade his alleged Mafia connections, liberal sympathies and extramarital affairs. In the midst of his despair, he falls hard and fast for Gardner, MGM’s sultry starlet with whom he shares proclivities for passion, whiskey, obstinacy, and sexual infidelities.

    Directed by Michael Oblowitz, FRANK AND AVA was shot on location in Rome, Italy; Hollywood, CA and Sinatra’s home in Palm Springs, CA. In addition to Rico Simonini as Frank Sinatra and Emily Elicia Low as Ava Gardner, the film features Eric Roberts, Lukas Haas, Richard Portnow, Domenick Lombardozzi, Neil Sandilands, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Moore and the legendary Harry Dean Stanton in his last feature film appearance.

    To access the FRANK AND AVA website and view the film on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes: https://www.frankandavathemovie.com/

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