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In order to expand the services of TheFrankSinatra.com, we now have a forum for Frank Sinatra fans too!

You can visit the forum in the following link:


Frank Sinatra Forum

The reason for having a forum is to create an environment where people can talk anything about Frank Sinatra freely, since we lack such a place as Sinatra fans.

Topics about Frank Sinatra will be visible to every forum member and visitor. This will be the place to talk about Sinatra’s albums from different eras, concert and other performances, musical career, movies, personal life etc.

In order to be able to post in and view the Audio-Video section, a user should have 100 posts in forum, and it will be worth it. YouTube will be used to share performances, as it automatically removes the performances with copyrights. Copyright is very important in this matter, as for both legal and ethic reasons, we should respect the owner of the material. When a video is added on YouTube, the system automatically checks the visual and audio part of the uploaded file and blocks the video to all users if it violates the copyrights.

In order to introduce users with concerts and other material, a person with 15 posts will be given a full concert link and two audio concerts. Once a user reaches 50 posts, two additional concerts and three more audio concerts, which are uploaded to YouTube by me in private setting, will be given to the user. After 100th post, the user will be given access to audio – video section of the Frank Sinatra Forum and from here to eternity, all already available material and the material coming in the future will be fully available. This means that a user with at least 100 posts will have access to at least 25 video concerts and 200 audio concerts in a long term. Contribution by other users will highly increase these numbers.

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