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My Life With Frank
My Life With Frank (Interviews with Barbara Sinatra)
Sinatra’s Century by David Lehman


Frank Sinatra Reading Book


  1. tonyd August 1, 2012 at 19:40 - Reply

    Frank Sinatra-An American Legend By Nancy Sinatra
    The Films of Frank Sinatra by Gene Ringgold
    Put Your Dreams Away-A Frank Sinatra Discography by Luiz Carlos Silva
    Sessions with Sinatra by Charles Granata
    The Song Is You-A Singers Art by Will Friedwald
    Ol’ Blue Eyes-A Frank Sinatra Encyclopedia by Leonard Mustazza

  2. Luke May 27, 2020 at 18:37 - Reply

    A lot of amazing books have been written about Frank and his music. I think James Kaplan did a fantastic job with his two-volume biography of Frank. Highly recommend these two books, Frank: The Voice and Sinatra: The Chairman. I read them both and also have the unabridged CD recording of the first volume. I don’t think the second one was ever released on CD. Have listened to the first volume twice. Great stuff. If you’re interested, my friend Lawrence and I launched a podcast earlier this year about Frank Sinatra and bourbon. You can find it at and other places where you access podcasts. Right now, we’ve released nine episodes, each of which features three Sinatra songs and two whiskeys. We typically taste a bourbon early in the show and end the show by tasting a variant of Jack Daniel’s, Frank’s favorite whiskey. Lawrence and I grew up together in suburban Atlanta, where we both still live. We’re not experts or anything, but we share an appreciation for the timeless music of Frank Sinatra and the taste of American whiskeys. I invite you to check out Frankly Drinking at or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks!

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