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Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank Interview: Here are two interviews with Barbara Sinatra about her recently released book, Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank.

Barbara Sinatra: He says, hey blondie! Come on and join us! I didn’t really recognize him. I recognized Dean and Sammy and some of the others. I said, I don’t care! I am not dealing with a bunch of drunks.

Chris: That was your future husband!

Barbara Sinatra: But I didn’t know that.

We’ve been playing gin rummy with a group of people. He said Barbara come in here I wanna show you something, we were kissing.

Chris: What did that feel like?

Barbara Sinatra: Wonderful. Wonderful. He was a great kisser. He made me feel special. He treated me like a queen.

He was a guy who took about 12 showers a day. I mean he was neat. And he always smelled of lavender. He just thought of every single little thing to make it romantic.

Chris: What song would he sing to you, Barbara?

He had one the George Harrison wrote, called Something. He said it was a great love song and it never said I love you. He didn’t like anything that was right on the nose.

Chris: You said once that he thought that My Way was a little too on the nose.

He did. That wasn’t one of his favorite songs.


Chris: Did Frank Sinatra ever apologize?

Barbara Sinatra: Never. Absolutely never.


I kept saying, you have beaten tougher things than this. I think you can beat this, too. Then all of a sudden he just looked at me and he said, “I can’t”. That was it.

Chris: Why did you and Frank stay in love for so long?

Barbara Sinatra: You know, I don’t know why he stayed in love with me. But I think it is obvious why I was in love with him. The blue eyes, the romanticism, the kindness, the generosity. Everything.

Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank Barbara Sinatra

Quite interesting pictures can be seen on the videos.

We learn that family matters are not discussed in the book, and Amazon reviews say that “Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank”┬áis worth reading.

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  1. Ashley Beth Rocco March 22, 2013 at 10:24 - Reply

    Hello Ms. Sinatra,

    I don’t know if you remember me since I never did get to come visit you with my grandmother, Marge Rocco, before her passing. I’m not sure how to exactly get into contact with you since my grandmothers address book is now gone. I’ve been missing her a lot and I know how much you use to talk to her. Hopefully this gets to you otherwise I just want to say thank you for always looking out for the most important woman in my life.

  2. Steve Medel February 21, 2017 at 12:31 - Reply

    Hello Barbra,I just wanted to say that I was a busboy at the Sabre Room in Hickory Hills IL and was in the kitchen on the night Frank asked you to marry him.You came down the stairs just beaming and showing the waitresses your ring.You were so stunningly beautiful and i never forgot that awesome night.Hope you are doing well and smiling that amazing smile. Sincerely,Steve Medel

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