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“Moon Love” is a beautiful song recorded by Frank Sinatra two times, first in 1939 with Harry James, and in 1966 in the album “Moonlight Sinatra“, arranged by Nelson Riddle (Reprise Records). The song is actually adapted from Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony, and lyrics are written by Mack David, Mack Davis and Andre Kostelanetz.

Moon Love Frank Sinatra


And below is the 1939 version of of this song when Sinatra was working with Harry James orchestra.

Moon Love Lyrics

Will this be moon love, nothing but moon love
Will you be gone when the dawn comes stealing through
Are these just moon dreams, grand while the moon beams
But when the moon fades away, will my dreams come true
Much as I love you, don’t let me love you
If I must pay for your kiss with lonely tears, say it’s not moon love
Tell me it’s true love, say you’ll be mine when the moon disappears

Sadly no live version of Moon Love exists, it would be nice if Frank Sinatra had sang this song at least once in his concerts.



  1. john brown April 6, 2013 at 15:35 - Reply

    “Moon Love” on the 1965 “Moonlight Sinatra” album is one of the most beautiful Sinatra-Riddle collaborations ever. Sinatra’s voice is like a Stradivarius itself, with rare colors and tones…in fact, the entire album is probably one of Sinatra’s most underrated works.

  2. Countersurfer June 1, 2013 at 16:27 - Reply

    Thank you so much for noting about the Tchaikovsky piece! I was listening to the Mildred Bailey version (so very lovely) and could tell that it sounded so much like classical music but couldn’t put a finger on it; curiously googling to find out more about the song lead me here. Love the Sinatra version as well.

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