Frank Sinatra’s Death

Following part about Frank Sinatra’s Death is from My Father’s Daughter by Tina Sinatra.

9th of May, 1998

The new millenium was in sight.

Dad was determined to be a part of it. “How many more months?” he asked me.

Eighteen, I told him, rounding down a bit.

“Oh, I can do that” he said. “Nothin’ to it.”…

14th of May, 1998

The phone rang at exactly 11:10 pm. It was Rex Kennamer. “I have bad news, we lost him.”

“Lost who?” I said.

“Your father. I’m sorry.”


13 years ago, Barbara Sinatra was outside for dinner. Frank Sinatra’s situation suddenly got worse and he was taken to hospital at around 9pm. The doctors called Barbara immediately, and tried to save Sinatra for like 1,5 hour. Despite how long they tried, they couldn’t save him. In the end, at 10:50pm, Frank Sinatra died from a heart attack…

And at 11.10pm, Tina Sinatra was informed that her father had passed away. She called Nancy and in minutes they got to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Tina Sinatra: “…My father lay facing us, eyes closed, hands over his chest; he lay on a lowered gurney, ready to be wheeled away. Barbara was seated in a chair to his left. We entered the cubicle without acknowledgment. I went directly to Dad and knelt beside him. “Oh, Poppa,” I said. At the sight of him my tears broke their dam. I wept freely, my forehead pressed against his upper arm. I looked for fear in his face, but saw none. His strain and torment were gone- in death he looked once more to be a figure of command. When i touched him, he was still warm. For an instant, I thought i was him move. I silently prayed for him. Oh God, take him and make him safe and warm, but keep him close to me. And to him: I am so sorry I was not here for you. I was filled with guilt and anger, but kept those feelings contained. I just kept saying to myself that I loved him, over and over again…”

In Sinatra family, Frank Sinatra’s death and the funeral arrangements were a total mess due to Barbara Sinatra. Sinatra’s children weren’t informed about Frank Sinatra’s Death neither when he was taken to hospital nor during the 80 minutes when doctors were trying to save him. No doubt Barbara ordered the doctors and hospital not to inform them. In this situation we clearly see the evil face of Barbara Sinatra. Of course we have seen that many times when she was selling the stuff that remained from Francis Albert after Frank Sinatra’s death.

6 days after Frank Sinatra’s death, on 20th of May, 1998, the Frank Sinatra’s funeral took place at Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.

Frank Sinatra's Death Funeral

In The Wee Small Hours, Moonlight In Vermont, Ave Maria and Put Your Dreams Away were played at the church and during the religious service during Frank Sinatra’s funeral, along with some other songs probably.

Frank Sinatra´s Death Funeral Coffin

Here is a video of Tina’s, Frankie Jr’s and Nancy Sinatra’s comments on Put Your Dreams Away and how they explain the moment in the church during Frank Sinatra’s funeral.

Nancy Sinatra: When my dad died, it was the only choice when the question came up which song of Frank’s should be played at the end of the services and of course it had to be Put Your Dreams Away and there wasn’t a dry eye in the church because it’s that kind of an emotional song.


The Following 3 videos are news from TV channels about Frank Sinatra’s Death and Frank Sinatra’s funeral.

Francis Albert Sinatra was born in Hoboken (12th of December, 1915) and died at the age of 82 in Los Angeles, California. Frank Sinatra’s death was shock for everyone. His grave is at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City. He was buried with a pack of Camel cigarettes, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a zippo lighter and dimes.

Frank Sinatra's Grave The Best Is Yet To Come

On the grave, it says “The Best Is Yet To Come”.

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14 Responses to Frank Sinatra’s Death

  1. joyce R. Dunn, M.A., PH.d says:

    My twin sister and I had the opportunity to meet Frank and the Rat Pack when we were juniors at UC Berkeley in 1960. The rat ack – at the Sands Hotel – presented by Jack Entratter – was sensational. But, Frank was exceptional. His singing; presence, eye contact with his audience, and his sexy, magnetic, Italian handsome quality – have been in my heart and soul for over 50 years, and I imagine they will remain until my days end. He was the best.
    Joyce R. Dunn

  2. Des says:

    I’m not an apologist for Barbara but it’d be good if there was a little balance here. I don’t know what actually happened the night Frank died because I WASN’T THERE and there’s only been one side of the story published [I haven’t yet read Barbara’s book]. And I don’t keep track of all the commercialisation of “Frank Sinatra Inc” but as far I can understand, Barbara and the three kids were all given their own bits of it. Furthermore, I’ve seen a LOT more stuff being pushed out and sold by the children than the wife. Of course Frank would have wanted to provide for his family but personally – and it is just my opinion – I don’t think any of the recipients come out of it with much to be proud of.

  3. RingoFe says:

    Sinatra was a genius of music its self and show business. He had an attidute tha keeps magnetises millions of people.

    I believe that his late wife Barbra was trying to get the most from his worldwide fame, so she can be in the spotlight.

    Many mistakes happened during FAS was alive and after his death. This is because of human’s anxiety to have more and more. This is sad, either your name is Sinatra or Ringo or Smith.

  4. H.W.A.Smits says:

    Please dear Sinatra fans, let us concentrate on the main issue: Francis Albert Sinatra, THE VOICE! Without any doubt Mr.Sinatra was, is, and – as far as I’m concerned – remains the best singer and interpreter of songs in his field of music. Whatever his children and his latest wife say or do is – with all due respect – of no importance at all. All of them – no one excluded – owns everything they have to the exceptional superior talent of this singular man. He gave his children life, love, care and comfort and, most likely, would not appreciate his children being criticized. So let us enjoy his voice and songs and be put under the spell of his magical presence even after his death.
    May he live forever!

  5. TAK says:

    Is it just me, or is he buried in a pretty insignificant grave for a man of his stature? Most entertainment legends have a crypt, are in a masoleum, or at least a more elaborate headstone. Mr. Sinatra is laying in a grassy field.

  6. George Vreeland Hill says:

    Frank Sinatra was and is a legend and a class act.
    When he died, music was never the same.
    I often think of Frank when I see the Church of the Good Shepherd because his funeral was there.
    There will never be another like him.

    George Vreeland Hill

  7. george urda says:

    I was a teen ager when Frank became popular and his fan all of my life. Loved all of is songs and was totally amazed when he did a terrific dance number in the movie with Gene Kelly-my idol of all times.

  8. Dan Robles says:

    I can remember as a kid my parents house parties and all there friends , dancing and singing to the songs of Mr. Sinatra , I even had one uncle ( Gene ) who even kinda sounded like him . I also remember them all going to Las Vegas just to see him . I am now 62 years old and I have all his CD’s and enjoy playing them often . I live in the desert , La Quinta , close by where he’s buried , I’m glad to know he’s still close by . THANK YOU Mr. Sinatra , you are and always will be the best of all ! Yes , I got YOU under my skin !

  9. Alberto Brandão says:

    Gotaria que o video Frank Sinatra´s 75th birth voltasse ao you tube

    para os admiradores foi uma bela despedida . ESpero ser atendido Tanks

  10. ️Trish woods says:

    I grew up on franks music & I’m still listening & can’t get enough. I saw Frank in Long Beach ca a few years before he passed, I took my parents, He was their era,
    I also saw him in at the OC Fairgrounds, I feel so fortunate,
    I listen too Sunday’s with Sinatra hosted by the wonderful Jerry Sharrell who relates stories of Franks songs, Its just great! I’ve learned so much,

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  12. Jackie says:

    This article is totally one-sided and not the complete story of Frank’s death. Do I think for one minute that while she was watching doctor’s work on her husband she was saying, “No, don’t call his kids.” Absolutely not, that was not on her mind while her husband was clinging to life right in front of her eyes. Yes, it was sad that they lost their father, but she lost her husband and she is his widow. Barbara Sinatra may not be perfect but she is in no way “evil.” The Sinatra kids have made way more of his name than she has.

    • Ozgun Akalin says:

      It is one sided because Barbara Sinatra has never commented on this matter. She never denied so I don´t know. It is a serious accusation made by Sinatra´s own children. She should have responded to that.

  13. Jackie says:

    With all due respect, I disagree. Mrs. Sinatra does not need to come out and respond to accusations and start a war of words. That is disrespectful to Frank Sinatra’s memory and not what he would have wanted. Barbara’s book told her story and it is much more tasteful to leave it at that. No need to stir more anger and resentment, besides that was 17 years ago, it’s time to move on.

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