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Frank Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey. His birth was not an ordinary one, because he almost died during the birth. We always say how lucky he was to live a long life, but his surviving the birth was a miracle itself.
Frank Sinatra was 13,5 pounds (more than 6 kilograms) when he was born. The Doctor had trouble removing baby Sinatra from his mother and used forceps to make it easier. But the forceps ripped his cheek, neck and especially his ear. His eardrum was punctured during the birth. He was not breathing and the mother was not in good condition. The doctor focused on mother thinking that the boy would not survive. When Sinatra’s grandmother noticed that he wasn’t breathing, she held the baby under cold water till he started breathing. And this is how Sinatra survived that birth. If his grandmother weren’t there, there would probably be no Frank Sinatra in the history. This, of course, would be painful for Frank Sinatra to think of as he got older and became more aware of what happened. He is known to say “They weren’t thinking about me, they were just thinking about my mother. They just kind of ripped me out and tossed me aside.”


Birth Frank Sinatra Baby

In the picture of Frank Sinatra as a baby, we see the right side of his because the the side wounded during Frank Sinatra´s birth was still healing and his mother had the photographer take the picture from the other side of his face.

Sinatra left high school without graduating, having attended only 47 days before being expelled because of his rowdy conduct. In 1938, Sinatra was arrested for adultery and seduction, a criminal offense at the time. For his livelihood, he worked as a delivery boy at the Jersey Observer newspaper, and later as a riveter at the Tietjen and Lang shipyard, but music was Sinatra’s main interest, and he listened carefully to big band jazz. He began singing for tips at the age of eight, standing on top of the bar at a local nightclub in Hoboken. Sinatra began singing professionally as a teenager in the 1930s, although he learned music by ear and never learned how to read music.

The quote above is taken from Frank Sinatra Wikipedia page.

The wounds healed, but the scars remained for the rest of his life and he would use makeup every day of his life to cover the scars.
It was a painful birth for both the mother and the baby, but as he says:
That’s life…
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  2. David Morgan June 2, 2015 at 07:09 - Reply

    So Frank Sinatra was “saved” by his grandmother who got him to breath when he was born. It’s no coincidence that he always sang about his relationship with women in a very vulnerable way. He felt he owed a woman his life in the form of his grandmother. She knew just what to do when he was born to help him survive.

  3. Robin May 7, 2018 at 01:22 - Reply

    Interesting and little known fact about his birth. I saw the scar in an old movie and had never heard the forceps story before.

  4. Debra Quinty February 13, 2019 at 09:43 - Reply

    Thank God for his grand mother and how she reacted qickley to Save This Outstanding Singer Entertainier Frank Sinatra!! My husband who was a local musician in Trenton, New Jersey at the time when Frank came there and had the honor to work with him. Sinatra was and still is My Favorite Singer! I sometimes live in denial that he is gone! Gone To Soon, But Never Forgotten! God Bless You Frank Sinatra!!

  5. A.Lowery August 19, 2019 at 05:22 - Reply

    He was a great entertainer and is truly missed.

  6. Karen M Pruznick November 13, 2020 at 07:43 - Reply

    WHAT? How did he end up a scrawny man of 5’7”

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